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Funny DIY Bottomless Activity Wallet

Wed, May 14, 2014 | DIY Projects

This is a solution of keeping all the toys of your kids when you are in a café, plane or hospital. They can fill it with any things and toys and never loose them! Foran  activity wallet you will need a wallet (you can take your old wallet), a personalized and funny ID Card, age-appropriate activities and treasures for your child to discover. So start with an empty, clean wallet. Keep adding treasures to each pocket and compartment of the wallet until it is full (look at the pics). Throw it in your purse for the next time your little one needs to be entertained. Enjoy!

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The Cutest Handmade Baby Shoes By The Summer House

Tue, May 13, 2014 | Clothing

Seriously, these baby shoes are probably the cutest shoes I’ve ever seen. I can imagine how wonderful they’d look on little tot’s feet. Wanna know a little bit more about them? Well, let me tell you that they’re totally handmade by Zaida Martin, the designer and creator of The Summer House. She only uses high grade natural materials as a way to keep in contact with the honesty of nature. These booties and ballerinas are so delicate, sweet and charming! It’s easy to get clucky just looking at them! For now all of the styles are sold out, but I guess it just means that you have some time to find the perfect pair. Check out!


Entertaining DIY Marble Maze For Playing

Tue, May 13, 2014 | DIY Projects, Toys

It’s really a simple toy and your kids can play with it quietly at home! You will need a wooden tray, a pack of wooden dowels, craft paint, foam brush, pen, hot glue gun and hot glue, handheld PVC pipe cutter and marbles. To begin, gather your wooden dowels, saw, pen and tray. Place the dowels inside the tray and mark with the pen where you will be making your cuts. Once the dowels are marked, remove them from the tray and use your saw to carefully cut the dowels to size. Use your craft paint and foam brush and paint each dowel. When the dowels are all painted and have dried, secure each one in place on the tray using your hot glue gun. Enjoy!


Bright Popsicle-Themed Birthday Party For A Girl

Mon, May 12, 2014 | Party theme

Today’s birthday party is just sheer cuteness! This is a party that isn’t just an amazing idea for kids, it would make such a fun outdoor family celebration or baby shower, too. The idea was to arrange a popsicle-themed birthday for a baby girl Elosie, because it’s her most favorite sweet treat in the world. Everything from the bright and whimsy color scheme to even the goodie bags and flavored water station is just the sweetest! And looking at the happy face of a little princess we can definitely say that the party was awesome and kids had the best time ever. Take a look and get inspired!


Funny DIY Frog Rock To Make With Kids

Thu, May 8, 2014 | DIY Projects, Toys

Do your kids really love frogs? We think that yes! Look how funny and cute this craft is! You will need just rocks or stones, leaves, glue, googly eyes and felt. Collect rocks and leaves, grab some glue, googly eyes and some felt scraps in pink and green colors. Then add some glue to the rock and begin to put this frog together, piece by piece. It’s like a little frog puzzle. Now add some felt and eyes which really turn the rock into a frog! With a felt smile and froggy legs this rock is hardly recognizable and cute!


Easy Yet Cute DIY Foam Flower Garden For Mother’s Day

Thu, May 8, 2014 | DIY Projects

This simple yet very sweet craft your kid can easily make by himself or herslef for the upcoming Mother’s Day. To make one you’ll need foam sheets, glue or glue dots, craft sticks, flower pot and black beans or other filler. First with flowers shaped cookie cutters cut out flower shapes. Next cut small yellow circles for centers and free handed leaves from green foam. Then put glue on all of the pieces to stick the flowers together and let dry. Finally, fill a terra cotta pot with black beans or anything else that looks like dirt and put the flowers in it. Voila!

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Adorable DIY Bunny Paper Plate Purse To Make With Your Kid

Thu, May 8, 2014 | DIY Projects

There’s nothing wrong in being a little bit obsessed with bunnies, they’re the cutest! I’m excited to share with you this really simple bunny paper plate purse tutorial, which is simple to make with your little one. The supplies are white paper plate, white card stock for ears, yam or string, paint or markers, glue stick or other adhesive, thread glue or staples. First fold the paper plate in half. Then cut out two bunny ear shapes from the card stock, paint on inner ear shapes and let dry. Next attach ears to the back side of the folded plate with adhesive. Have some fun painting or drawing bunny facial features. Read what to do next at mermagblog.com.


Original DIY Bracelet With Clay Charms

Wed, May 7, 2014 | DIY Projects

Summer is coming soon to us! Let’s make this adorable bracelet with charms for your baby girl. First, string the bracelets, using elastic bead cording, and make them to your size. To keep track of the beads use a relish tray to hold them. Now it’s time to talk about clay. It’s fun to work with, it’s very versatile and you will easily remedy mistakes. For this project you can use white clay. Cut the clay into slices and then pass it through a pasta machine on the largest setting repeatedly, folding it on itself after each pass, until the clay is supple. When the clay is conditioned, set the pasta machine to a smaller number (between 2-4) and roll it into a flat sheet. The rest of the tutorial is here.


Funny DIY Polymer Clay Face Magnets To Make With Kids

Wed, May 7, 2014 | DIY Projects, Toys

Every kid loves new toys, so these toys they can be made with their own hands and kids can get so much fun during making! You will need polymer clay, pasta machine or rolling pin or brayer, circle cutter, cutting blade, magnets and glue. Roll out the clay with the rolling pin, brayer or pasta machine. Now let’s talk about making faces. You can make various hairstyles: long or short, blonde or red, with curls or absolutely straight. You can add glasses or moustaches. Cure them in the oven according to the manufacturer’s directions and then glue a magnet on the back.


Yellow And Grey Whimsy Bird Themed Boy’s Nursery

Tue, May 6, 2014 | Kids room

The bird theme for a kid’s room isn’t really frequent and common, so if you embrace everything whimsy and original for your child’s space, maybe it’s a good choice for you. In designing a room in that style it’s important to find just a few key elements like these charming birdhouses, a repainted branch turned a wall art and a darling bird mobile on the boy’s nursery photos below. Together with complementing yellow and grey color scheme the space looks whimsical, fun and colorful. Isn’t it just a perfect spot for a baby boy? Take a closer look and get the inspiration!

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