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Bright DIY Neon Shoes For Your Kid

Wed, Jul 17, 2013 | Clothing, DIY Projects | By Irina

Wanna fresh up your kid’s shoes design a little bit and make them trendier and more whimsical? Here’s a really fashionable and stylish way! You’ll need: shoes ( of any material), acrylic paint (white and  neon), a paintbrush, masking tape, an outdoor gloss sealer, liquid stitch or any strong glue, grosgrain ribbon. First choose how much of the shoe you want painted and remove the shoe laces. Then apply your masking tape and press down to avoid any paint bleed. If the shoes are dark, then paint the selected area in white first and let it dry, so your next color will come out brighter. Apply one or two coats of Outdoor Gloss Sealer, let it dry and only then remove the tape carefully, wash off any left over paint on the soles of the shoes. How to adorn shoes with ribbon, read at  petitapetitandfamily.com.

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