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Cool And Whimsical Rocking Roller Desk Chair For A Kids Room

Sat, Jun 29, 2013 | For ages, Tables and chairs

What do you say about these Rocking Roller Desk Chairs? I think you’ll agree with me that they are fantastic. Designers of fur balls offer us to exchange traditional commonplace chairs and use Rocking Roller Chairs instead of them. Also you can use the balls like these for exercising to be a good fit. They have chrome-plated bases that make the...Continue Reading...


DIY Playful Patterned Plates

Fri, Jun 28, 2013 | DIY Projects

These plates are so easy to make and they will definitely adorn your kid’s party table! You’ll need serving plates, décor foil, hole punch, a bowl with water, paper kitchen towel, oven and scissors. First, wash and dry your plates. Then cut out the desired motif by using a hole punch for dots and scissors for triangles. Put these pieces in the bowl...Continue Reading...


Modern See-Through Baby Crib By Nurseryworks

Fri, Jun 28, 2013 | 0-2, Beds, Parents

I can envisage your slightly tilted heads and astonished faces at the sight of the Hollis crib. The stunning design of Hollis crib from Nurseryworks was proudly presented  at the recent International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York City. Hollis crib became the first see-through crib in the furniture market. The transparent acrylic Lucite panels...Continue Reading...

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Adorably Calm And Traditional Kid’s Nursery

Thu, Jun 27, 2013 | Kids room

What makes this room outstanding and what I love the most about is that it has all the family heirlooms: the dresser, crib and toy chest were all used by dad. It’s so cool when parents keep these things for their kid to have an opportunity to enjoy toys from mom and dad’s childhoods. The family tree of sorts, with photos of those who have gone before...Continue Reading...


11 4th Of July Clothes And Accessories Tutorials For Your Kid

Thu, Jun 27, 2013 | Clothing, DIY Projects

Why do I like themed parties? Because you can dress up according to them! 4th of July or Independence Day party isn’t an exception. So, how about getting a little bit crafty and making a cute patriotic outfit or accessory for your lovely kid for the holiday? We’re always there to help you and raise your handmade skills, involve your kid to projects, so...Continue Reading...


Whimsical Flip Dolls By Miszkomaszko

Wed, Jun 26, 2013 | Toys

Have you heard of children’s shop called Miszkomaszko? If not, we’re glad to share with you some information about it because this shop, based in Poland, is the most charming, cheerful, unique! I instantly fell in love with their quirky little flip dolls and brightly colored kid’s clothes! The name Mizkomaszko was actually made up by the son of...Continue Reading...


Colorful DIY Yarn Butterflies For Your Kids To Play With

Wed, Jun 26, 2013 | DIY Projects

In summer time your children can see different butterflies going for a walk. And sometimes they have a desire to catch one of them. Without realizing what they do, children often injure a butterfly. So our diy project exists to prevent it. Now to keep a butterfly in the hands you’ll need to work a little. Take colorful yarns, buttons, craft sticks,...Continue Reading...


30 Awesome 4th July Themed Kids Party Ideas

Wed, Jun 26, 2013 | All ages, Other, Parents

Have you got any plans on the 4th of July yet? I think it’s time to start some preparations for Independence Day! We’re all about ideas for getting a party planner look the easy way and ideas for involving your kid into preparations and the whole themed party as much as possible. Actually, you can let your imagination run wild while thinking about party...Continue Reading...


DIY Edible Pinwheels For 4th July Kids’ Parties

Tue, Jun 25, 2013 | DIY Projects

On 4th July not only adults have parties but also kids, too. And for the kids’ parties you need special funny decorations and cool treats like no other. Let’s make edible pinwheels for your kids’ party; you’ll need airheads, airhead bites, lollipop sticks, a rolling pin, a knife and a cutting board. Heat an airhead in the microwave for about eight...Continue Reading...


6 Simple Hairstyles For Girls With Short Hair

Tue, Jun 25, 2013 | 5-7, 8-11

Does it seem to you that if your daughter has short hair, it’s easier? Certainly, short hair has its advantages, but  it needs care and nursing, too. Besides, thinking out a good hairstyle is more difficult. If you have a little sister at home, a cute niece or your little girl, here are a few hairstyles that you can do with short hair. Use different...Continue Reading...

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