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Colorful DIY Yarn Butterflies For Your Kids To Play With

Wed, Jun 26, 2013 | DIY Projects | By julia

In summer time your children can see different butterflies going for a walk. And sometimes they have a desire to catch one of them. Without realizing what they do, children often injure a butterfly. So our diy project exists to prevent it. Now to keep a butterfly in the hands you’ll need to work a little. Take colorful yarns, buttons, craft sticks, pipe cleaner and glue gun. A step instruction is waiting for you below the text. Having made your yarn butterflies your kiddo can play with them and take them in the hands. I just think they would look so cute, so it would be cool to hang yarn butterflies from the ceiling in a kids’ room or from the tree outdoor. Also they would be a good decoration for any holiday, for example, for 4th July. Enjoy!

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