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Cute DIY Eraser Jewelry For Kids

Sat, May 9, 2015 | DIY Projects

It’s so fun to create something beautiful from various things that you have never thought to be appropriate for a craft. Here’s such craft! You’ll need just mini erasers, stretch thread, scissors and needle. First cut a 24” piece of stretch thread and thread the needle, doubling the thread. Then carefully poke the needle through an eraser,...Continue Reading...


Simple DIY Nature Walk Bracelets For Kids

Mon, Aug 25, 2014 | DIY Projects

Today’s activity that we want to share with you is very simple, yet interesting and cognitive. Thanks to these natural bracelets your kids will not be only enjoying the outside walks with you but also noticing lots of different details about the environment. So, it provides lots of entertainment and it’s completely easy and possible to prepare for it....Continue Reading...


Original DIY Bracelet With Clay Charms

Wed, May 7, 2014 | DIY Projects

Summer is coming soon to us! Let’s make this adorable bracelet with charms for your baby girl. First, string the bracelets, using elastic bead cording, and make them to your size. To keep track of the beads use a relish tray to hold them. Now it’s time to talk about clay. It’s fun to work with, it’s very versatile and you will easily remedy...Continue Reading...


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