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Amusing DIY Bead Bunny Bookmark

Sat, Apr 20, 2013 | DIY Projects | By Irina

Recently we’ve shared the idea of some funny pompom bookmark that you can make for your kid to adorn the books and entertain him or her during reading in some way. Here’s another cute idea! You’ll need yarn or thick cording, 2 1” wood bead, ¾” wood bead, 12 ¼” wood beads, scissors, tapestry needle, sharpie marker. Start with cutting the yarn about 2 feet long, then thread your needle and string the 1’ and ¾’ beads onto the yarn. Push the beads down towards one end of the yarn and cut three 6-8” pieces of yarn. Double knot the short pieces of yarn below the bottom bead, above the top one and between two beads. Thread the ¼” beads onto the shorter yarn tails and knot the yarn on the outside of the beads. Then add a knot 10” (or longer) from the top of the bunny’s head. Thread 1 1/4″ bead, 1 1″ bead, the last 1/4″ bead and make a knot. Finally, trim your extra yarn, add eyes and nose to the bead’s face. Enjoy reading!

Reference: smallforbig

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