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Entertaining DIY Marble Maze For Playing

Tue, May 13, 2014 | DIY Projects, Toys | By Natasha Alt

It’s really a simple toy and your kids can play with it quietly at home! You will need a wooden tray, a pack of wooden dowels, craft paint, foam brush, pen, hot glue gun and hot glue, handheld PVC pipe cutter and marbles. To begin, gather your wooden dowels, saw, pen and tray. Place the dowels inside the tray and mark with the pen where you will be making your cuts. Once the dowels are marked, remove them from the tray and use your saw to carefully cut the dowels to size. Use your craft paint and foam brush and paint each dowel. When the dowels are all painted and have dried, secure each one in place on the tray using your hot glue gun. Enjoy!

Reference: hellobee

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