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Some Tips To Design A Timeless Kids Bedroom

Tue, Aug 20, 2013 | For ages, Kids room | By julia

Today we are sharing with you how to make a kids’ bedroom stylish and relevant for a long time. Many parents want a kids’ bedroom to be timeless enough, and they don’t want to redo it in five years. They are ready to change out the textiles, add modern accessories, but the general design and the furniture should remain the same. To do that, choose a color palette that is kid enough without being too “baby.” Choose furniture that not only your child likes, but you like, too. Show restraint with the furniture, but use kids’ accessories that will make bedroom free and playful. Mix two or three patterns in the room to avoid chaos. Your child will feel calm and quiet if you add symmetry, it helps to understand the space better. Use our tips and you will achieve the desired result!

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