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All Natural Hair Accessory Glue For Your Babies

Thu, Nov 15, 2012 | Other | By Irina

Mothers’ love to dressing up their kids and creating their different hairstyles has no limit, and it’s understandable. For special occasions we like to put something in kid’s hair, and often it doesn’t work and fall out immediately. Thanks to Girlie Glue you can forget about this problem. It’s hair accessory glue that is made with Agave nectar and other natural ingredients, so it’s safe for your baby. A dab of two of Girlie Glue will hold your kid’s accessories all day long and washes off easily with a wet wash cloth. By the way, this isn’t just for girls, the glue may be perfect for attaching felt mustaches, beards and eyebrows for boy’s dressing up in pirate, for example.

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  1. Kath Says:

    I have asked a number of people, “How can I get a bow to stick to my baby’s head?” I have received multiple answers that didn’t work! I can’t wait to try this! Hopefully I have found the answer to my question! thank you so much! Can’t wait to try it! Glad someone finally cam up with something that works! Look like a pretty convenient tube too. Yeah!

  2. Laura Says:

    This is genius! Finally someone got smart and created something that will give me a little less stress in my life. No longer have to look all over the place to find lost bows from both my girls.

    LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing!

  3. June Says:

    I love that it is all natural! Does it stick right away or does it have drying time like the other stuff that I have tried-which didn’t work very well! If it works as well as it says it does, I am sold! I’m not crazy about bands and a little accessory or bow is the perfect feminine touch! I want to make that cute fox one! Love it!

  4. Lacy Says:

    It does work as well as it says it does. I put a flower on in the morning and take it off before the bath at night! I don’t even have to try to wash it off it just comes off as I wash her hair. I LOVE girlie glue!

  5. Lori Says:

    How do you get a bow to stick on a baby’s or newborns head? Girlie Glue! I found out about Girlie glue on your site, bought some, and I am in LOVE with this product! Yeah! If you have kids, you should have this product! My baby girl wears a bow all day every day, and my 4 year old Loves to wear earrings! THANK YOU for the suggestion!

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