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20 Design Ideas For Kids Rooms That You Gonna Love

Sat, Sep 21, 2013 | For ages, Kids room

A kid’s bedroom is a place where you can be creative, bold, and adventurous. A child’s bedroom should be  designed so that it reflects a vibrant expression of his or her taste and personality. However, it should also be functional so that his or her possessions can be properly stored, and he or she may use the room for studying as well as playing. If you want to make a children playroom, keep the theme creative, colorful, whimsical and playful. And if you want it look like a study room, adopt a simple and strict theme. Creating room designs for kids is always so cool!


Funny Handmade Bags And Pencil Cases From Minne Bites

Fri, Sep 20, 2013 | All ages

Seriously, these are the cutest and the fanciest pencil cases I’ve ever seen! And I’m sure sort of this reaction any child will have when they see these bags. They’d be perfect as a gift for a first time schooler as well as for your kid’s own use. They’re from Etsy store Minne Bites which sells “handmade bags with bite”. These bags come in different designs to choose from and they’re, of course, the perfect vessel for pencils and pens, but they also make great storage for those little bits and pieces that children seem to collect. All in all, visit Minne Bites store for more adorable stuff like ladybird backpack buddies and don’t hesitate to buy some, because the store ships worldwide!

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Comfortable DIY Storage Leg Desk For Kids

Fri, Sep 20, 2013 | Desks, DIY Projects

Every parent wants to see the child as a genius, talented and capable person, so from an early age they associate the child to different skills and abilities – reading, painting, writing, sculpturing. And an important thing in a cognitive process is a kids’ table for creative works. After all, learning of your child depends on how comfortable and interesting the look of your desk is. And the desk created by daddy’s hands  will make it even more attractive for the child. Below you see the easiest desk you could ever make!  It’s just two little bookshelves with a panel on the top! Just whip up those bookshelves and screw the panel on the top. As you see, to make the desk for the kids activities is quite easy!


Clever And Portable Wally Ruler To Measure Your Kid’s Growth

Fri, Sep 20, 2013 | All ages, Parents

Gladly, right now there’re lots of ways where and how mark your kid’s height regularly. Even if you’re moving to another house, you don’t need to take typical door jam with you. Here’s one more convenient growth chart that we want to share with you – The Wally Ruler. It has really clever and kind of universal design (fits any room), beautifully crafted from birch plywood and laminate. Its portability and ease of storing is fantastic, thanks to the emulated carpenter’s ruler design. It also can make a perfect birth or christening gift and become a cute family keepsake. Check this out!


DIY Beautiful Natural Fairy From Fall Leaves

Thu, Sep 19, 2013 | DIY Projects, Toys

When autumn comes, the most popular crafts are handmade articles from leaves. Impressed by the natural beauty and bright colors of autumn we will create a beautiful leaf fairy. You have to prepare 1 wodden bead, some fall leaves (you can exchange them on artificial leaves), 2 chenille stems, 1 metallic chenille stem, embroidery floss or yarn and glue dots or hot glue gun in advance. Bend a pipe cleaner in half and push the bent part through the wood bead so just a little loop is through the bead. Roll up a loop of some embroidery floss and thread through the chenille stem loop. Tighten by pulling at the bottom of the chenille stem. Take your second chenille stem and wrap it around the first stem to form the arms of the fairy. Arrange the leaves as clothing and then use glue dots to fix them  to the chenille stems. Connect the ends of the metallic chenille stem for making wings of leaf fairy. Finally you can glue an acorn cap to the wooden bead to form a hat or bonnet. Voila! I believe that if your child whisper her a secret, soon it will come true.


Practical And Comfortable Baby Swaddler By Ergobaby

Thu, Sep 19, 2013 | 0-2, Gear, Parents

A new practical thing has just appeared in the children’s world, and we are hurry up to tell you about it. This is a swaddler by Ergobaby known as a baby brend of eco-friendly products. It’s fabulous! The Ergobaby Swaddler has ergonomic design, that helps to keep the baby’s hips in an ergonomically-correct frog leg position. The Swaddler also has a removable leg pouch, which makes for quick and simple nappy changes, and means it can be used with harness systems found in swings and bouncers. The swaddler is a really clever thing, because you can adjust it for each season – the baby’s legs can be left out in hot weather, or tucked in when it’s cold. With Ergobaby swaddler you’ll be able to keep your baby sleeping longer and more peacefully.


Cheerful DIY Wooden Beaded Bracelet For Kids

Wed, Sep 18, 2013 | DIY Projects

I bet that your little ones would go crazy over these sweet wooden bracelets and would love to make one for themselves and their friends! Materials are: ¾” wooden beads (buy at any craft store), 3 colors 1 mm stretch cord, scissors and ruler. Begin with counting out 10-12 beads and measuring 3 strands of stretch cord at 18”. Then thread cord through the first bead, pull the ends through, wrap them around and pull back through. Secure by pulling taut and leave about 2” of cord length at the end. Repeat the steps until all ten beads are lined up densely. Finally, make a double knot, tightly tug the cord taut and trim to about ¼. Enjoy!


10 School Backpacks For Different Ages

Wed, Sep 18, 2013 | Backpacks, For ages |

September has come! And together with it a new school year! Children went back to school again, and it means that you have to prepare them for it. And the first thing that you should have checked as a caring parent is a backpack. Remember that a backpack has to be sized right (no bigger than the kid’s back and has to be on the lower back) and to have two adjustable straps on the back to better distribute the weight. So if your child’s backpack is unusable, you have should change it as the most of the studies are still ahead. Here are some school bags for different ages, maybe you’ll find something for your child.


Using Wood In Kids Rooms: 31 Cozy Ideas

Tue, Sep 17, 2013 | Kids room

Decorating a kid’s room with many wooden structures like a bunk-bed or different shelving is a really convenient and eco-friendly way. Wood can serve you years and years and room made with wooden floors, walls or/and even ceiling always look more gender neutral and kind of cozy. You can even play with this design and connect it with some theme. Choose, for example, the theme conventionally called “Into the woods” and complete the wooden style of the room with a tree wall decal, accessories and toys as the inhabitants of the forest, add funny wooden animal switchplate covers of which we told you, etc. If you’re considering this idea, don’t rush and think over carefully the color of the wood. My advice is to better give preference to light textures because on dark ones (although they’re beautiful) every little scratch, mote or drop will be seen.

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10 Kids Seashells Crafts To Make At Home

Sat, Sep 14, 2013 | DIY Projects |

You have a collection of the shells at home picked up by the kids on the beach in the summer, and don’t you know what to do with  it?  Why not to make something useful from them? Didn’t you have a family trip to the beach this summer? Doesn’t matter! Seashells are readily available at craft stores, but you can also find them at garage sales, thrift stores and even flea markets. Here are some simple ideas to transform them in cute little animals or decorations for a kids’ room.  They will remind of  summer vacation and happy family moments spent together!


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