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DIY Beautiful Natural Fairy From Fall Leaves

Thu, Sep 19, 2013 | DIY Projects, Toys | By julia

When autumn comes, the most popular crafts are handmade articles from leaves. Impressed by the natural beauty and bright colors of autumn we will create a beautiful leaf fairy. You have to prepare 1 wodden bead, some fall leaves (you can exchange them on artificial leaves), 2 chenille stems, 1 metallic chenille stem, embroidery floss or yarn and glue dots or hot glue gun in advance. Bend a pipe cleaner in half and push the bent part through the wood bead so just a little loop is through the bead. Roll up a loop of some embroidery floss and thread through the chenille stem loop. Tighten by pulling at the bottom of the chenille stem. Take your second chenille stem and wrap it around the first stem to form the arms of the fairy. Arrange the leaves as clothing and then use glue dots to fix themĀ  to the chenille stems. Connect the ends of the metallic chenille stem for making wings of leaf fairy. Finally you can glue an acorn cap to the wooden bead to form a hat or bonnet. Voila! I believe that if your child whisper her a secret, soon it will come true.

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