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Spacious, Waterproof And Stylish Diaper Backpacks From TWELWELittle

Fri, Sep 13, 2013 | Backpacks, Parents | By Irina

This diaper bag just makes the most sense to me and it seems like a very beneficial, comfy and must-have purchase. Why? First, because this backpack plum are made with soft and lightweight water resistant nylon which is just perfect for the fall season when it rains rather often. Second, due to backpack style it’s a salvation for those busy moms that often need to get done too many things in one minute because they now can just free their hands a little and hang diaper bag on their shoulders. Third, the main compartment is really spacious with multiple exterior and interior pockets, so it allows room for all baby items, but however has simple organization. And last but not least, this backpack is really stylish and fabulous! Convincing enough, huh?

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