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Last-Minute DIY Bunny Costume For Halloween

Mon, Oct 27, 2014 | DIY Projects | By Irina

Modern moms have so many things to take care of. If you have been really busy these days or weeks and missed buying those fun Halloween costumes, it’s fine, don’t worry. There’re lots of DIY costume options, and you can very easily and quickly make by yourself this adorable bunny costume. You’ll need some grey sweater dress, felt in 3 colors, scissors, fabric glue, cotton balls, safety pin, needle and thread. There’s nothing difficult, really. It’s all about just tracing the patterns onto felt, cutting, gluing, adding colored stitching and attaching a pretty ribbon. Read the whole tutorial and download the templates at 100layercakelet.com. Enjoy!

Reference: 100layercakelet

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