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DIY Fox Halloween Costume for Kids

Thu, Oct 3, 2013 | 2-4, 5-7, Clothing, DIY Projects | By Julia.Dimova

With Halloween fast approaching, it`s time to start thinking about costumes. Making your own Halloween costume is fun, but it can be time/money/nerves consuming. We`ve sorted out one of the favorite ideas for your kid – a DIY fox costume. Before shopping for materials, explore your wardrobe, rummage through old clothes and you may find something fit, for example, an old sweater (with a hood) and a red jacket. At first cut the hoodie and sleeves off the sweater. Then cut the shapes for the chest, ears, and tail of the felt. Pin your chest felt to the front of the jacket and sew it on. You may replace jacket`s buttons with vintage ones. Sew together the tail and ears (leave opening so you can flip the fabric and then stuff it). Finally sew the finished hoodie onto the collar of the jacket. If the sleeves of jacket are really short, add the sleeves of the sweater to the end of the sleeves of the jacket. It’s like they are the fox paws. That’s it! You see, that transforming old clothes is a great way to create a cheap/fun/cute/last minute costume for your babe (or even yourself….). Happy Halloween!

Reference: thepapermama

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