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Innovative Good Night Lamp For Kids

Mon, Nov 11, 2013 | All ages, Kids room, Lamps | By Irina

Most of the kids have troubles in falling asleep on their own, alone in a dark room. And as much as you try to assure them that there’re no monsters around, you can’t help it, because for a kid at night every shadow seems a beast and even silence is scary. For this reason I like night lights and cuddly toys that can comfort them just a little bit. The Good Night Lamp is an innovation that takes the standard night light a few steps forward because it’s connected. So, if you turn on this Big Lamp on, the Big Lamp that you’ve shared with your kid turns on too. It provides a visual connection that lets your kid know that he or she is not alone. Check out their website, they made an amazing video that explains how it works.

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