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Sweet Miracle Lamp For A Kid`s Room

Thu, Oct 17, 2013 | 2-4, Lamps | By Julia.Dimova

There are a lot of child`s fears, especially at night. Make being in the dark fun.  This ‘Miracle’  lamp can help you.  When switched off, the lamp is plain white with just some simple balloons on the outside. Only a faint outline indicates what will happen once you switch the light on — a whole parade of darling animals appears, each holding one of the balloons. So with this lamp your child will imagine not new and scary things to be afraid of, but kind, fairy and dreamy heroes. The drawings of the animals are truly adorable, and the light gives a darling atmosphere to the room — switched on or off. You`ll fall in love with the simplicity of the concept and the attention to detail with which it is carried out.

References: babyccinokids, hartendief

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