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DIY Retro Toy: A Stick Horse

Tue, Dec 18, 2012 | Toys | By Kate

Ah, those days when kids used to play with stick horses! They had to have some imagination, but anyway these horses were great! If you want to make one today, here’s a tutorial. The supplies are some fabric, stuffing, yarn, long wooden dowels, styrofoam balls and felt. Carve out a portion of the styrofoam ball and glue the stick into the ball. Cut out your horse’s head from fabric and sew around the perimeter adding the yarn in. Turn the horse head inside out and begin stuffing, then insert the ball into the neck and finish stuffing around it. Cut out the horse’s ears, stitch them around the perimeter and sew to the place. Add a bridle, reins and eyes. Voila, the toy is ready!

Reference: abeautifulmess

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