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DIY Glitter Cap Toe Shoe For A Mother And A Daughter

Thu, Sep 5, 2013 | DIY Projects, For ages | By julia

Little girls often try on clothes of  their moms, because a mother is an ideal of beauty. Remember yourself in your childhood. Shouldn’t you do it?  Today’s DIY project is dedicated to mothers and their daughters and will help them to look like each other more. You’ll need 2 couple shoes (kids and adults), mod padge, foam sponge or brush, glitter and paper or cardboard boxes to keep the mess to a minimum. At first lay out your paper and pour your glitter into bowls. With your foam sponge or brush, apply a medium to thick layer of mod podge to wherever you wish your glitter to land. Dip your shoe into the glitter. Or sprinkle your glitter heavily onto the wet glue and shake off the excess. Once your first round is dry, repeat the steps above. Let dry over night and glitter cap toe shoe for mother and daughter is finished. Sometimes to be similar is so cute!

Reference: lovemaegan

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