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6 Disney-Inspired DIY Projects To Make Your Kid Happy

Fri, Nov 15, 2013 | DIY Projects | By Natasha Alt

Everybody loves Disney fairytales and Disney World. Even adults! And every kid dreams about a trip to the Disney Land. So if you wanna your child to realize this dream, you will need to get prepared for this adventure with these funny DIY projects!
Does your kid like Mickey Mouse? We think he or she does. Let’s make giant pom-pom mouse ears. We need black yarn, a black headband and floral wire. Now you gotta make two large pom-poms and attach them to the headband using floral wire. If you think that it was not easy, you can try to do next craft – Mickey and Minnie Ears. It will take only 30 minutes. Just print and cut out template. Then use it to cut two black felt earpieces for each headband. You need to put hot glue to the center portion of one of the earpieces to the underside of a headband. Put hot glue to the rounded ends of the earpiece together, matching up all the edges. Attach the second earpiece in the same way, spacing it 3 inches from the first one. What else can we do for trip? A personalized Disney trip journal is a great project. Your kids will keep their memories using this thing. You need a blank journal, 1 sheet red card stock, 1 sheet yellow card stock, glue stick and scissors. And we wanna show you one more DIY project. It’s a paper-cut Disney Announcement. When your kids receive this hand-made announcement, they will be so happy that they are headed to the most magical place on earth. To finish the projects, look here.
For your baby-girl you can do Snow White’s crown. It’s make her very special. First of all print out the crown template and cut it out. Use it as a pattern to cut out two matching crown shapes from the white glitter felt. Then glue the two crown shapes together with the glitter sides facing out. Glue the gems to the face of the crown, centering them in the upper points. Trim the pipe cleaners to the same length as the lower edge of the crown and then glue them to the felt, using enough glue to secure them well. Now glue the lower edge of the crown to the headband, starting in the center and working your way out to the ends.

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