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Colorful DIY Ice Pack For Kids’ Frequent Bruises

Wed, Aug 14, 2013 | All ages, DIY Projects, Parents | By Irina

Children are such curious fidgets, they seem to hurt themselves at least every other day! So, you have to be always prepared and this DIY tutorial is one of must-haves for you but a really cute one! To make ice pack you’ll need 2 x ziplock bags, antibacterial hand gel, water and food coloring. First mix one part hand gel to 3 parts water and then add some food coloring for more fun and joy. Pour the resulting liquid into a zip-lock bag, squeeze air out and seal the edge. Finally, put your ice pack into the freezer (it won’t freeze solid and stay as a gel). Feel free to decorate it and when you gonna need it, just wrap it in a tea towel and press against the bruise. Take care!

Reference: minieco

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