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Cute Snuggle Nest Surround Co-sleeper By Baby Delight

Wed, Jan 9, 2013 | 0-2, Parents | By Irina

A peaceful night’s rest for everyone – isn’t that a dream? Here’s a co-sleeper with all the (soothing) bells and whistles that just might help you achieve it! Like many good co-sleepers it’s useful not just in your own bed, but also as a portable travel bed for the tiniest babies. This one even comes with a nifty carry case. It has sturdy side walls to protect babies from rolling, folds up easily, and has a convenient carry handle that makes it ideal for taking it with you to Grandma’s. Its breathable mesh fabric promotes airflow, and a removable nightlight plays soothing sounds and musical melodies to help keep your baby relaxed. It seems like with this thing, both young parents and newborns will be having sweet dreams!

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