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Amazing Cot Transformer By Gro Furniture

Tue, Aug 21, 2012 | 0-2, 2-4, 5-7, Beds | By julia

This cot was designed in calm neutral colors by Gro Furniture. It’s safe and  eco-friendly because it was made of  natural materials. The cot has a very simple design so you won’t guess how to assemble it. You can do it without tools. The cot is quickly transformed into a play table or a desk. So that you can use the crib up until your kid goes off to college. Also it can save room space for other furniture. The cot from Gro Furniture will look perfect in every interior (parents’ or kids’ bedroom) because it doesn’t have any unnecessary details. Don’t hesitate buying this cot – it’s one of the best transformable pieces in today’s world of design!

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