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Colorful DIY Lollipop Balloons For A Kids’ Party

Mon, Apr 28, 2014 | DIY Projects, Party theme | By Natasha Alt

This craft is so easy-to-make and so creative! You can try to repeat it for your kids’ birthday party, they will be delighted! You will need balloons, cellophane, dowels, paintbrush, scissors, black tape, white paint and string. Paint the dowels white and let them dry thoroughly. Wrap the black tape around the top of the dowel and then continue wrapping down until the end. Blow up the balloons. Tape around the end of the balloon to the top of the dowel. Cut a square piece of cellophane large enough to wrap around the balloon and gather at the bottom. Secure the wrapped cellophane with a piece of string and cut off the ends. Fluff the cellophane a bit to give it some shape. Voila! Your lollipop balloons are ready!

Reference: hellobee

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