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Awesome DIY Easter Egg Sewing Cards

Fri, Apr 4, 2014 | DIY Projects | By Natasha Alt

This cute craft will make your holidays very special! You will need printable stitched egg ornaments template, card stock, scissors, needle and embroidery floss. Print the eggs onto card stock and cut them out. Use your needle to poke holes at the end of each of the stitching lines. Each of the thin lines on the eggs can be used as a stitch guide, or you may only want to embroider only a few spots. Cut a piece of embroidery floss and separate out 2 to 3 strands. Thread your needle and tie a double knot at the other end. Start from the back and start stitching, bringing the needle through the holes you pre-punched. To ensure that you don’t make any stray holes, flip the egg over with each stitch so you can see where your needle is going. The rest of the tutorial is here, you can finish your cards.

Reference: handmadecharlotte

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