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Awesome DIY Dress-Up Superhero Capes For Your Kids

Thu, Mar 28, 2013 | DIY Projects | By Irina

Your kids desperately want to be a superhero and super heroine? Make a playful cape for him and her! All you need is some fabric, a few craft supplies, a bit of creativity and you are ready to go. First you need to measure your kid: from shoulder to shoulder (add 6”–8”) and from the nape of the neck to where you want the bottom of your cape (add 2 ½”). Cut the fabric and prepare the cape by turning up the hem and sides towards the wrong side of the fabric about ½”. Then iron the folds, pin and sew down. At the top of the cape fold over the fabric about 1 ½”, then sew down the bottom edge of the fold to create a tunnel and thread a ribbon through it. After that prepare the personalized cape “logo” and the mask. Print and cut both templates from fabric. Sew the initials to the cape and adhere the ribbon to the mask. You’re done!

Reference: projectnursery

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