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DIY Cute Kid’s Animal Mask For Halloween

Tue, Oct 30, 2012 | DIY Projects | By Irina

This time we want to share with you some easy DIY tutorial just in time for Halloween! What you need: bristol cardboard white or/and black, colorful paper, glue, pencil, scissors, colored crayons or markers, elastic, ribbon or small stick. First create a template or download it and print. Cut the shape that you’d like to use and cut the eyes. Trace the main mask and the eye holes onto your bristol cardboard, the small circles as well (for the ribbon or the elastic to attach your mask) and cut. Choose which animal your kid wants to be and cut a set of ears in the bristol board and a smaller set in the colored paper for the inner ear (look at the PDF file again). Then glue the inner ears onto your bristol board ears. Tape your ears on the backside of your mask and add a bit of glue to the front part of your ears that is pressing against the mask to avoid your ears from flapping back. Finally, attach the mask with a ribbon or elastic, determine the length by placing the mask on your kid’s head and make a knot. Have fun!

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