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Adorable DIY Mr Tiger And Mr Snake From Paper Plates

Thu, Apr 17, 2014 | DIY Projects | By Irina

Looking for some craft to get your tot busy? Take a look at these funny and colorful Mr Tiger and Mr Snake! They’re easy and fun to be made by your kid on his or her own. To get started you need some paper plates, PVA glue, poster paint, glitter, pens and scissors. First mix in a small bawl PVA glue and poster paint. For Mr Tiger to this: paint the back of the plate in orange and cover it with glitter, draw on tiger stripes on the front of the plate, make and glue to the plate tiger’s features like nose, eyes, ears, etc. For Mr Snake do this: paint the plate with green, cover it also with glitter, cut a spiral into the plate, making the head at the center, make and glue to the head an eye and tongue. Voila!

Reference: kidplaydo

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