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DIY Painted Kids Birthday Party Plate

Thu, Sep 6, 2012 | All ages, DIY Projects | By Irina

A birthday party is probably the biggest and the most awaited event of the year for every child. This tutorial will help you to create a painted party plate which is a great way to make your kid feel extra special on his or her birthday. Here are the supplies that you’ll need: a glass or ceramic plate, glass paints, a paint brush or sponge brush, stencils. First wash and dry your plate. Then place your Happy Birthday stencil on one end of the ceramic plate and press it down to stick. Dab your sponge brush into paint, dab the paint onto the plate and pull up your stencil carefully until it’s removed. After that, for the center of the ceramic plate, add the sunburst stencil and paint in a couple of colors with your sponge brush and lift the stencil. Finally, let the paint dry, you can even bake it to make dishwasher safe. As it’s done, it’s ready for some cupcakes. Happy Birthday!

Reference: makeandtakes.com

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