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Wonderful Rickshaw Bench For Dreamy Girls

Wed, Feb 6, 2013 | Outdoor | By julia

Have you ever thought who loves to dream more than others? Certainly, this is a girl, but for it anyone needs to be alone. So the best place to dream in summer is a patio. There you can create a beautiful bench.  Sitting on it a girl can dream how she will travel to some far away fantasy land, meet a prince on a white horse or find new friends. Also she can relax reading a book or talking to her close friends. A fancy rickshaw bench shown the photos will become that nook in the patio. In front of the cart has an upholstered seat ideal for play-time, and its back space is the perfect place to store favorite fairytales, dolls and stuffed animals. There are multiple locks installed on both wheels, so the little passengers can sit in safety and comfortably and spend their time enjoying.

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