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Wonderful Kid’s Desk For Crafting And Games

Wed, Dec 5, 2012 | Desks | By julia

If you want  the room of your child to differ from  the rooms of other kids, then a cool idea is to add a wonderful desk in the shape of a small house. Deskhouse is a really clever drafting desk for art activities and the most inviting hideaway. Designed by Alberto Marcos, it is made of eco-friendly solid oak covered with white melamine, and looks super sturdy and easy to clean. Also its size fits well for kids up to about 8 years old. Deskhouse is very convenient, because its tabletop is inclined and the chimney is used for storage of kid’s pencils and crayons. Buying this desk you will bring an unusual piece to your kid’s room and your kid – desk for crafting and playing.

Reference: coolmompicks.com

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