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Vivid And Funny Scandinavian-Style Nursery Design Inspiration

Thu, Jan 9, 2014 | Kids room | By Irina

I’ve always been drawn to Dutch and Scandinavian-style spaces, but in fact most of them I’ve seen were black and white. So, when I saw this bright and sunny nursery, I was surprised and thrilled, and I’m glad to share its photos with you! It’s eclectic, it does mix vintage pieces with the modern décor like in, I’d say, classical Scandinavian-style rooms, but it also has such vivid pops of color. What I like about this nursery also is that it’s very childlike: its unique design breaks all common rules and allows to use together bold patterned wallpaper, washi-taped walls, pom poms and funny garlands. It looks like a celebration of childhood and reflection of kid’s joyfulness. Enjoy!

Reference: apartmenttherapy

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