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Unusual Modern Beds For Kids By Mimondo

Sat, Aug 11, 2012 | Beds, For ages | By julia

There are a lot of alternative varieties and designs of beds that may be the best for your child’s bedroom. We want to present two model of kids’ beds by Mimondo. The beds by this company are designed to provide the maximum comfort and functionality for children. They are presented in two models – Wave 1, single bed, and Wave 2, bunk bed for two kids. This bed has a unique design shaped like a process of architecture. Just to get into the bed can be a real treat for the children. It’s a very practical and interesting idea for the kids. They can play all sorts of games there plus it allows them to climb on and hide. And if you’re worried about their safety, it’s not worth to think of. It’s a very durable and safe bed. You can ask your kids to help, they would be happy to do it. The beds are painted in a neutral tone of white, so they are perfect for girls as well as for boys.


Reference: homedit.com

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