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Tinyfolk Cardboard Playhouses For Creative And Imaginative Play

Sat, Mar 16, 2013 | Play houses | By Irina

We all know the old adage about kids ignoring their presents just to play with the box they came in. Now the box they came in IS the present! These super cool boxes are from brand new Tinyfolk, the brainchild of theatrical set designer Genevieve Dugard. The Tinyfolk range currently includes cardboard playhouses, with doors, windows and plenty of space for dragging half your belongings inside; a cardboard puppet theatre and a set of cardboard shadow puppets. It’s designed to encourage kids to explore their own creativity and unleash opportunities for imaginative play. The basically blank play canvas extends to the walls of the playhouses, and children can decorate for themselves. You can check out the range and buy online from Tinyfolk.

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