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The Cardboard Guys’ Imagination Furniture Lets Kids Construct And Design

Fri, Mar 27, 2015 | Furniture sets, Kids room | By Irina

Furniture of the new generation, as we may name it, strikes with innovative ideas and possibilities. Just take a look at new Kids’ Imagination Furniture by The Cardboard Guys that lets little ones construct and design their own desk set. The Cardboard Guys started developing this idea at Kickstarter and received full support to create a durable cardboard set designed to foster children’s creativity and inspire them to create a unique desk and chair all by themselves. Your kids can turn those boxes into racecars, castles, airplanes and whatever else they want. It’s easy, because the furniture is lightweight, it requires no adhesives for assembly and snaps together perfectly. It’s available now for preorder, so be sure to check out!

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