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Fantastic DIY Glitter Snow Globes

Thu, Jan 15, 2015 | DIY Projects

Today you can help your kids to create a handmade version of the famous souvenir with their favorite figurines. You will need jars, animal figurine, waterproof super glue, glitter flakes, water and glycerin. Use super glue to attach animal figurine to bottom of jar lid. Ensure that the animal is centered or positioned to fit inside the jar. Allow to dry....Continue Reading...

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Incredible DIY Snow Globes For Your Kids

Wed, Oct 29, 2014 | DIY Projects

These snow globes will be perfect presents for any holiday, not only for Christmas. So now you and your kids can make them very fast. You will need glass jars, small plastic figurines, glitter, glycerin and hot glue or hot glue gun. First, your kids should select the figures they want to use and arrange them on the lids. Then you can glue the figurines to...Continue Reading...


Amazing DIY Baby Food Jar Snow Globes To Make

Wed, Dec 18, 2013 | DIY Projects

Instead of buying some typical mini snow globes as a Christmas souvenir, make your own together with your kid!  This gift will be much more personalized and darling for your closest ones. You’ll need some empty baby food jars, mini fake trees, Goo Gone, glycerin, glass & bead glue or epoxy, glitter, gold spray paint and distilled water. First clean...Continue Reading...


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