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Entertaining DIY Contact Paper Dolls

Fri, Jul 11, 2014 | DIY Projects

Your kids will like this idea because all children like to play dolls! You will need contact paper, tape, scissors, scrapbook paper, card stock paper and markers. Draw a gingerbread-like figure onto a sheet of card stock and cut it out. Then draw a face. Then grab several sheets of scrapbook paper and flip them upside down. Outline the boy’s arms and...Continue Reading...


How To Dress Up Your Daughter’s Dolls

Wed, Apr 10, 2013 | DIY Projects

Most girls love to play with Barbie. And the most amazing and exciting moment in playing with them is dressing up! Here’s the easiest and coolest idea that you can even let your kid do by herself. The supplies that you’ll need are only some little socks and scissors. The basic instructions are these: take your sock, make two holes for Barbie’s hands...Continue Reading...


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