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Stunning TSUCHINOCO’s Eco-friendly Play Structures

Mon, Nov 12, 2012 | Play houses, Toys | By Irina

Japanese companies, Masahiro Minami Design and NIHON LOGIPACK Co.,Ltd. recently united their forces to bring the new fiberboard toy company TSUCHINOCO to life. The eco-friendly corrugated fiberboard play structures elevate the unassuming material to entirely new heights in the play realm. The material is as strong as wood, but only one-third to one-fourth of its weight. TSUCHINOCO toys are lightweight, so children will have no trouble interacting with or moving them around as necessary. They’re 100% recyclable, even after years of use. The amazing designs are life-size toys┬áthat can be used for play, storing materials, and much more! TSUCHINOCO play structures can be used outdoors, in schools or at home, making it a versatile option for eco entertainment of little ones.

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