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Space Saving Multifunctional Construction For A Small Shared Kids Room

Thu, Apr 18, 2013 | Beds, For ages | By julia

Today we would like to show how to equip a kids’ room using one compact symmetrical construction for a relatively small space. It has been created for two sisters who shared one room so that they can enjoy private and common space in equal measure. They both enjoy a private area for sleep and study, as well as their own nooks and niches. Providing the sisters with a sense of privacy and belonging, while they can still come together in the central area. In addition to storages that are located from two sides,  the room also features endless shelving and a three-tier closet. The U-shaped staircases offer increased safety for children climbing up and down, as well as make it easy for parents to access their children’s beds when it’s time for laundry, bedtime stories or cozing up next to sleepy faces.

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