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Simple DIY Cupcake Liner Kids’ Party Hats

Sat, Mar 28, 2015 | DIY Projects | By Natasha Alt

If you prepare a birthday party for your kid, you always should pay attention to all the details of this day. What about party hats? We have one brilliant idea! For making these hats you’ll need cone water cups, colorful cupcake liners, pom poms, glitter, elastic tinsel cord, 1/16 circle hole punch, scissors, glue and hot glue gun. First glue a cupcake liner to the inside of the cone cup and a pom pom to the top. Then punch a hole on both sides of the cup where the tinsel cord will be threaded. Next thread the elastic through one hole and tie a knot to secure. Now you should measure your little one’s head to get the sizing right, then thread the elastic through the other hole and tie a knot. Read what to do next here.

Reference: hellobee

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