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Shiny DIY Marquee Letters Decor For Your Kid’s Room

Tue, Oct 29, 2013 | DIY Projects, Kids room | By Irina

If you want easily spruce up your kid’s room design, add some personal touches to it, then take a look at this tutorial with marquee letters. They are completely doable and you don’t need any extra skills to make them! Prepare some paper, scissors, pencils, X-acto knife, pieces of cardboard, pretty scrapbook paper, glue and lights. Begin with creating your text you want in photoshop, printing it and tracing out onto a cardboard. Using X-acto knife, cut the letters out of cardboard, laid them on top of the fronts of scrapbook paper and glue them to it. Cut the letters out leaving a bit of an edge, cut out the stripes and glue them all along these edges like it’s shown on the photos below. Make some holes with X-acto knife to feed the garland’s lights through them. Insert the lights and voila!

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