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Sand Original Furniture And Accessories For A Kids Room

Wed, Oct 23, 2013 | Kids room | By Julia.Dimova

What is perfect children’s furniture? It should combine three main aspects. First, furniture must be longevous and adapt to the changing needs and growing kids. Second, furniture has to meet the immediate requirements of children. At last, it should correspond to kids’ tastes. Have a look at this original furniture and accessories for kids created by Italian designer Silvia Marlia. Her simple, contemporary style combined with designs that are extremely practical is brilliant. For example, the Books on Wheels is a reinterpretation of the classic library cart which you are be able to move from room to room. Or an ingenious rolling cabinet including chairs, tables and stools and a stunning bed with a cheerful welded ‘sunrise’ design. You`ll also love the Sand Toolbox, a clever stacking storage system ideal for all the small bits and pieces kids love to accumulate.

Reference: babyology

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