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Pretty And Funny DIY Faux-Leather Pouches

Sat, Nov 23, 2013 | DIY Projects | By Irina

These cuties could be such pretty and thoughtful gifts for a little girl! To make one prepare faux-leather, fabric scissors, ruler, pencil, ball head screwback studs, sewing machine and thread, pinking shears, permanent markers, bull-dog clips. First print out the template and cut out each piece. Then lay your leather face-down, trace the pattern pieces onto the back and cut them out. For a one-color pouch, fold the leather in half lining up the bottom edge with 2 bits that stick out. Then sew 2 pieces together 1cm from the edge, ignoring the top flap. Using pinking shears trim each seam fairly close to the stitching and trim corners. Turn your pouch right-side out and fold the top flap in half vertically with the underside out. Mark the spot for a stud and poke a pencil through it, marking a spot on the pouch front. Snip this cross and then stick the screw base through the hole from the inside and screw on the ball head.

Reference: fellowfellow

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