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Pretend Play And Fun Costume Parties With Fafu Dress-ups

Fri, Aug 9, 2013 | Clothing | By Irina

What kid doesn’t like dress-ups and costume parties? It’s an awesome way to transform into a fairy princess or a Wizard of Oz or whoever your kid likes! We’re glad to share a great discovery for you – Fafu – a company based in Iceland and focused on an open-ended play, especifically through superb dress-ups. Their collection includes different hats, capes, cloaks and ponchos, large felt “feet” (it can also be worn on hands) and silky scarves in sumptuous colors. The biggest advantage of Fafu dress-ups is that kids can undoubtedly find lots of different ways to wear them with a little imagination. Prices begin at €5 for a scarf and Fafu delivers worldwide. Enjoy!

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