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Our Favorite DIY Angry Birds Game For Kids

Thu, Aug 15, 2013 | DIY Projects, For ages | By julia

Have you ever played Angry Birds Game? This computer or phone game can be incarnated in life and it will suit for good outdoor pastime. And if your kiddo was born in summer, it is the best way to organize Angry Birds Birthday Party for him or her. Buy several of those cheapy colored plastic balls you find everywhere in summer time. Use acrylic paints to paint on the bird and hog faces. It’s likely you will have to paint the ball a few times, because the paint kept cracking. Find a lot of cardboard boxes of various sizes to make any stucture. Now you can start the game which aims at knocking the structure down. It’s such a funny game that adults forget that they are adults and play together with kids.

Reference: hollysartcorner

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