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Original DIY Bunny And Clown Egg Characters For Easter

Wed, Apr 8, 2015 | DIY Projects | By Natasha Alt

Have you already thought about Easter décor for your kids’ room? Make eggs characters this Easter and put them on a shelf! It’s so simple! You will need template for bunny and clown egg characters, 8,5×11 sheet of card stock, plastic or hard boiled egg, paints, markers or crayons for clothes, adhesive such as strong tape or glue. Begin by painting on a face to your hardboiled or plastic egg. Let that dry. Print out clothing items onto white, colored or patterned paper. If you wish, paint details onto each piece for the bodice, legs, ears and hat. Fold the ears together at the base and glue. Then using hot glue, glue the ears to sides of the egg head. Next steps of the tutorial are here.

Reference: minted

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