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Nice Bright Kids Stools – Splash by B-Line

Mon, Apr 5, 2010 | All ages, Tables and chairs | By margarita

New product by B-line, which will be presented on the Salon International del Mobile 2010 in Milan, could become a cool addition for any kids room. This is a bright stool with a very unusual design. It is named Splash and made of rotomoulded polyethylene. It is available in various cool colors so you could buy several stools of different colors and get an awesome stool set for your modern kids room. Their playful designs could easily fresh a room design and add a funny touch to it. These kids stools can be also used as a capacious container, which is always useful in any kids bedroom. Kids could not only sit on them but also store toys and other stuff in them. If you like these bright kids stools then you could find more information about them on B-line site.

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