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Minimalist Cardboard Dollhouse Lets Your Kid Be A Designer

Tue, Oct 23, 2012 | Toys | By Irina

These dollhouses look pretty amazing, don’t they? What’s even more amazing is that they start out as plain white cardboard and are transformed by parents and their kids. The Villa Cartabianca cardboard dollhouse from Etsy shop Cartabianca comes pre-cut and -creased, and requires no glue or adhesives to assemble. Once it’s assembled, the fun really begins. While your order will come with some decorations you can cut out and glue on, the possibilties for designing this house are limited only by your kids’ imagination. Using markers, paper and glue, stickers, or other decorations, kids can turn the house into anything they desire. Moreover, we like this cardboard house because stakes are low, the house is inexpensive and made of a recyclable material.

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