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Kids Room Design Inspiration For A Little Cowboy

Mon, Jan 14, 2013 | 5-7, 8-11 | By julia

Boy’s life is filled with energy and impregnated with adventures, so the same atmosphere should prevail in his bedroom. Many articles have already told how to decorate or furnish a boy’s bedroom. Today we want to share with you another idea. It is a bedroom made in cowboy style. It is a creative theme that will give your child visions of the Wild West. This room was illustrated and designed by children’s room designer LouLou of LouLous Whimsicals.  The custom cowboy bed was designed and built with real wagon wheels. The handpainted border includes the old west icons repeated around the room.  Decide what element of the cowboy theme that interests your child most, and use that as a focal point for the room, for example, a bed in the form of wagon wheel.

Reference: designdazzle.com

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