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Interesting DIY Indoor Fishing Game

Tue, Aug 12, 2014 | DIY Projects | By Natasha Alt

We think that this game will be nice for a kids’ party! Let’s make it. You will need stick, string or yarn, magnet, pipe cleaners and blue paper. Find a large stick in your yard to use for a fishing pole. Tie a piece of string or yarn around the end of the stick. At the end of the string, glue on a magnet. You can use the small circle magnets that have sticky backs. Stick a magnet on each side of the string. Add a dot of hot glue between them to help keep them together. Cut the pipe cleaners in half. Bend each one into a loop and twist the ends to make the tail. Put the fish into the “water” (a blue piece of paper). Use your fishing pole to catch the fish.

Reference: kiwicrate

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