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How To Make A Cute Dollhouse Lamp

Tue, Sep 4, 2012 | DIY Projects | By Irina

Every little girl loves furnishing a dollhouse and playing with dolls. This DIY tutorial will help you to create a little adorable dollhouse’s lamp. Here are the materials that you’ll need: scrapbook paper, some  glue, beads, a small round base (could be a bead, button, etc.), cardboard. First cut a 1”x12” strip of decorative paper and apply glue to one side. Roll it up to form a lampshade and glue the entire outside side with the paper. Glue a couple of pink beads in a column on top of the round base, let this dry overnight and then coat the entire structure in glue. Cut a small piece of cardboard sized slightly longer than the diameter of the lampshade, fold the cardboard up on each end and apply glue to the folded portion, insert the cardboard piece into the lampshade and wait until it dries. Apply glue to the top bead and the bottom center of the cardboard. Allow it to dry overnight. Enjoy!

Reference: warmhotchocolate

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